1. Nashville Film Festival in the USSpecial Jury Prize for Best Actor (Adrian Țofei) (2016)
  2. A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Sydney, AustraliaBest Film Winner plus Nominations for Best Director, Best Male Performance  (Adrian Țofei) and Best Female Performance (Alexandra Stroe) (2015)
  3. Hamilton Film Festival in CanadaBest Actor Winner (Adrian Țofei) (2016)
  4. Fantasporto International Film Festival in Porto, Portugal – Official Selection in Competition for Best Film (2015)
  5. Anchorage International Film Festival in Alaska, US – Official Selection in Competition for Best Narrative Feature (2018)
  6. Transilvania International Film Festival in Cluj, RomaniaOfficial Selection in Competition for Best Romanian Feature Film (2015)
  7. Nightmares Film Festival in Columbus, Ohio, US Nominations for Best Thriller Feature and Best Actor in a Feature Film (2018)
  8. On Vous Ment! Mockumentary Film Festival in Lyon, France – Grand Prize for Best Feature Film (2016)
  9. Other Worlds Austin Film Festival in the US – Official Selection (2016)
  10. TromaDance Film Festival in New York City, US – Official Selection (2016)
  11. Unnamed Footage Festival in San Francisco, US – Official Selection (2018)
  12. Horror Cinema Awards for the finest achievements in 2017 horror filmsDeep Cut Award Winner plus Nomination for Best First Feature (Adrian Țofei) (2018)
  13. Area de Contencao: Cartaxo International Fantastic & Horror Film Festival in Portugal – Out of the Box Jury Award plus Out of the Box Audience Award (2015)
  14. CrashLanded Film Festival in Tulsa, Oklahoma, US – Best Horror Film Winner (2019)
  15. Fright Nights: The Ultimate Festival of Angst in Vienna, Austria – Nomination for Best Film (2016)
  16. Dracula Film Festival in Brașov, Romania – Special Mention Winner (2015)
  17. Davis Great Bay Area International Film Festival in California, US – Nomination for Best Feature Film (2018)
  18. Toronto Indie Horror Fest in Canada – Official Selection (2016)
  19. Bram Stoker International Film Festival in the UK – Official Selection (2015)
  20. Horror-on-Sea Film Festival in the UK – Official Selection (2017)
  21. Eko International Film Festival in Lagos, Nigeria – Official Selection (2019)
  22. Indigo Moon Film Festival in North Carolina, US – Official Selection (2018)
  23. Halloweenapalooza in Iowa, US – Official Selection (2018)
  24. Torremolinos International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain – Official Selection (2015)
  25. Zinema Zombie Fest in Bogota, Colombia – Official Selection (2015)
  26. Mostra Livre de Cinema in Sao Paulo, Brazil – Official Selection (2018)
  27. The Shockproof Film Festival in Prague, Czech Republic – Official Selection (2017)
  28. Kapitularz: Lodz Fantastic Film Festival in Poland – Official Selection (2018)
  29. Kocham Dziwne Kino (I Love Strange Cinema) Film Festival in Poland – Official Selection (2019)
  30. UNDO Divergent Film Awards – Nomination for Best Dark Comedy Feature (2019)